Watch This: Intel Played 250 Light Drones at CES 2018

Intel did it again and, twice a night throughout CES, these guys have been putting 250 drones dancing over the fountains at the Bellagio. WOW!

Intel calls it the Shooting Star Light Show and yes, it’s pretty amazing to watch as 250 drones fly in formations to animate a scene to music (the video showcast Stargazing Kygo’s, which is pretty opportune indeed).

“All of these drones, whether it be 10 or 100 or even 500 or more, they’re all controlled by one pilot,” said Natalie Cheung, GM of Intel Drone Light Shows, in an interview with CNET.

Technology Behind

You, aficionados, want to know which models were used? The drones do not have any camera and only weigh 330 grams. Each craft is fitted with an array of LEDs capable of producing four billion color combinations. When programmed, the drones can fly precise patterns to create stunning animations. Amazing!

Before shows, an animation team will listen to a song and come up with a storyboard. After they have a theme, they use a custom animation tool that allows them to simulate and view the drones from every angle. The crew spends a lot of time ensuring the show looks good from every perspective.

The drones are made from lightweight plastic and foam for safety. The props are fully enclosed in cages as well. Another safety precaution is a crew of observers who can give the command to pull down the entire fleet in the event of an approaching aircraft.

Intel’s Shooting Star drones also made an appearance at last year’s Super Bowl.

Do you imagine Oceans Eleven last scene with George Clooney and the rest of the gang watching a bunch of drones dancing over the Bellagio. That was only 17 years ago! Listen to me kids: you’ll see 2020 sky full of drones!


(Post via TechSpot)

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