UVify OOri: The World’s Fastest Micro Drone

CES 2018 showed the World’s Fastest Micro Drone, designed by Uvify, a San Francisco based startup drone company. One of the many features of the drone, is its hover ability, unseen in any other racing drones.

It features a controller with a built-in screen, so it can be flown as soon as you unbox it. Are you a seasoned pilot? No problem. You can pair de device with an FPV headset to have a next level racing experience.

OOri’s Specs

Let’s be clear. OOri could be seen as a toy fitting anyone’s palm, which is fact fits, but it can fly faster than any competitor within its size. It reaches 50 mph and can be adjusted to boost it an extra 10 mph, until 60 mph, WOW!


Which are the OOri’s features?

  • Again: up to 60 mph top speed!
  • Can fly both indoors and outdoors.
  • It features an adjustable camera, to let pilots adjust their viewing angle.
  • It has programmable LEDs. You can switch them off to maximize flight time.
  • Hold Position, the only one that has this on its class.
  • The drone has been made to tough standards, which is important on a racing device.
  • It features propellers guards.


Price and Availability

UVify estimated OOri’s release to be at the end of this Q1 2018. If you are interested on it, go straight to their website as the drone is available for Pre-Order $289. It is estimated that the official price could be $389 when Uvify officially releases this model.

Are you an enthusiast looking for something fast and small? Go for it! This drone is ideal for those who want to start racing without compromise. The hover mode will help your learning curve without crashing the drone.