The Ultimate Trip Around Europe’s Best Destinations For You And Your Drone

Are you ready to take your drone skills to the next level?  If so, have a look to this ultimate epic trip, around the best European destinations to capture some of the best spots of Europe.

For you, lazy people, always reluctant to take your drones out of the comfort zone, and feeling always lack of patience to read the whole article, the total distance and trip hours to complete the journey, are at the end of the post.


From the cascading peaks of the Scottish highlands to the turquoise and emerald seas surrounding the Balearic Islands – Europe is awash with picturesque destinations to take your drone. To help you make the most of your whistle-stop tour of the continent, we’ve found some of the best destinations in Europe, for you to put your drone photography to the test.

All countries have their own regulations when it comes to the use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), such as drones. You’ll need to make sure you’re familiar with drone regulations in Europe before you embark on your adventure. This can help you to avoid breaking any local laws or worse yet, incurring a hefty fine.

Stage 1: Fort William – Scotland


plane-iconLand in Fort William, Scotland.
Best way to reach your destination is by plane (if you don’t live nearby).

Miles so far: 0 miles.

Trip hours so far: 0 hours.

camera-iconVisit the Glen Roy Nature Reserve for great scenery of the parallel roads from above. Enjoy a hike up to the top of Ben Nevis and capture unmissable views from the summit.

thumbup-iconNon-Commercial drone use permitted in the UK under rules of the air navigation order 2016.
Drone flying not permitted in no-fly zones.
Visit to see the full list of rules for UK drone flying.

Stage 2: Southampton – England


car-iconArrive at Southampton, England.

Miles accumulated: 533mi (858km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 9h 20min.

camera-iconHead to Southampton Beach with your drone for sunset views. If the rain let’s you fly your drone! Side-trip to Stonehenge. With a drone is really easy to capture the circular formation of this historic landmark.

thumbup-iconYou’ll need prior approval to fly a drone over any UK world heritage site. Some of the landmarks are permanently surveyed through CCTV.

Stage 3: Chambery – France

train-iconChambery-franceArrive at Chambery, France. The easiest way to reach Chambery is by plane, buying an expensive flight ticket. If you want to save some money, take a combo train + bus: you can tell your grandchildren that you crossed the channel underneath, by train.

Miles accumulated: 1248mi (2008km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 18h 30min.

camera-iconVisit the Ville Ancienne in Chambéry and pass your drone over the stunning medieval buildings for some outstanding photography.

thumbup-iconRecreational drone use permitted in France under rules of the French Aviation Administration.

Stage 4: La Plagne – France


car-iconHead on a transfer from Chambery to La Plagne. The easiest way is to rent a car an drive for almost 2 hours until La Plagne. There is some scenic driving on the way, so pay attention to the spots.

Miles accumulated: 1318mi (2121km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 20h 10min.

camera-iconA trip to the peaks of La Plagne will offer stunning scenery to capture with your drone. La Plagne is a ski resort so you might also enjoy a ski down the slopes too.
The easiest way to reach the ski slope tops is by chairlifts. You’ll find plenty of skiers happy to pose as models (nice top shots from above!).

thumbup-iconRecreational drone use permitted in France under rules of the French Aviation Administration.

Stage 5: Barcelona – Spain


car-iconRent a car to reach the Barcelona shore from the French Alps. It’ll take you around 8 hours. The trip is beautiful and easy: highway all the way down. You could plan a side-trip to see the Cap De Creus on the spanish side (most oriental spanish point).

Miles accumulated: 1804mi (2903km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 28h 10min.

camera-iconCapture Barcelona’s unique skyline with an aerial shot of the city. If you’re a skilled drone photographer, challenge yourself to capture the details of the famous Sagrada Familia or the Sagrat Cor church in the Tibidabo’s top.

thumbup-iconRecreational drone use permitted in Spain under rules of the AESA – Spanish Aviation Administration. You can find an extended article about drone regulation in Spain.

Stage 6: Ibiza – Spain


plane-iconIf you like nightlife, Ibiza is a must stop in this trip. And if you have a drone, Ibiza has some of the most stunning (and unknown) spots to use it.
Ibiza can be reached by car from Barcelona (via Valencia) and a ferry or by plane from Barcelona. This option is more convenient if you’re lack of time and is pretty cheap.

Miles accumulated: 2154mi (3467km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 29h 10min.

camera-iconVisit Es Portixol, one of the Ibiza’s most beautiful hidden beaches. Spend some time exploring and capture the secluded scenery on offer here. Wait for the sunrise/sunset hours: some celebrities use to hang out there on peak hours and could warn the police if they thing you’re a paparazzi (meter link trabajos). Take a trip to Ibiza Town, 70’s europeans hippies original home, during the day, to snap a few shots of this picturesque town.

thumbup-iconRecreational drone use permitted in Spain under rules of the AESA – Spanish Aviation Administration. You can find an extended article about drone regulation in Spain.

Stage 7: Lausanne – Switzerland


plane-iconArrive to Lausanne, Switzerland taking a one hour flight from Ibiza to Geneva and renting a car for an extra 1 hour drive, following the Leman’s Lake north shore

Miles accumulated: 2854mi (4593km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 31h 40min.

camera-iconMake the most of the sensational views over the Leman Lake (AKA Lake of Geneva) from your doorstep in Lausanne. Catch glimpses of the Savoy Alps, and if you have spare time, head to Switzerland’s italian canton to admire the Dolomites.

thumbup-iconRecreational drone use permitted in Switzerland, but only during the day and following certain rules.

Stage 8: Civita de Bagnoregio – Italy


car-iconThere’s a flight from Lausanne (Geneva) to Civita de Bagnoregio but it is expensive and you’d miss the beauty sitting in the middle. Rent a Car instead and drive for over 8 hours.

Miles accumulated: 3354mi (5398km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 40h 10min.

camera-iconThe Civita de Bagnoregio is also known as the «Jewel on the Hill». You’ll have a fantastic time capturing images of this incredible hill ton with your drone.

thumbup-iconYou can fly your drone legally in Italy without a license. Flight over beaches, towns or near airports is forbidden.

Stage 9: Corfu – Greece

car-iconcorfu-greeceCorfu, Greece is «relatively» close to Italy. To cross the Adriatic Sea, you’ll have to rent a car and cross it with a ferry. For you, lazy and less adventurous people, there’s an expensive flight right to Corfu as well.

Miles accumulated: 3891mi (6262km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 56h 20min.

camera-iconCorfu is about beaches and sense of freedom. Tilt your camera down to capture the contrast between the sand and its blue sea. Spectacular!

thumbup-iconYou can fly your drone legally in Greece without a license. Only daytime flights are allowed.

Stage 10: Sibenik – Croatia


car-iconA rented car will take you to Sibenik from Corfu… 14h 30min later!

Miles accumulated: 4416mi (7107km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 70h 50min.

camera-iconTake a short trip to Krka National Park. Spend the day making your way along the wooden pathways and have your drone capture the many waterfalls. Visit the island of Prvic, just a 40-minute ferry trip from Sibenik. Enjoy peaceful strolls along Prvic’s secluded beaches and let your drone capture the incredible scenery.

thumbup-icon No drone regulations were found for Croatia.

Stage 11: Split – Croatia

train-iconsplit-croatiaThe best way to arrive to Split is by train, no doubt!

Miles accumulated: 4471mi (7195km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 72h.

camera-iconShoot some aerial views of the popular palm-lined promenade, the Riva. Split is know for the contrast between their red roofs and the blue water. Take advantage of that!

thumbup-iconNo drone regulations were found for Croatia.

Stage 12: Dresden – Germany


plane-iconYou’ll arrive to Dresden by air, in a 3 hour flight.

Miles accumulated: 5171mi (8322km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 75h.

Cam Icon: Head to the Elbe River close to the sunset for gorgeous images of the water and the baroque buildings sitting closeby.

camera-iconTake a 2 hour train journey to Saxon Switzerland National Park. Here you’ll have the chance to shoot some truly unique snaps of its sandstone mountains an dramatic canyons.

thumbup-iconGermany has a very precise regulation on drone operations. For more info head to the BMVI web.

Stage 13: Bergen – Norway


plane-iconYou’ll arrive to Dresden by air, in a 4 hour flight.

Miles accumulated: 5406mi (8700km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 79h.

camera-iconTake the Floibanen Funicular to the top of Mount Floyen, where you’ll be treated to spectacular views across of Bergen. The city is the capital of the most rainy area in Europe. During winter, if the rain or snow give you a breath, fly your drone to capture the most spectacular Aurora Borealis. Magical!

thumbup-iconNorway allows a recreational use of drones without license. You are not entitled to fly over cities, roads or near airports.

Stage 14: Bonus Stage: Dreamy Iceland!


plane-iconYou’ll arrive to Riykjavic, Iceland by air unless you’re a penguin on migration or have a car and want to be embarked in the ferry that sails from Denmark to Iceland (this is the only maritime ferry available).

Miles accumulated: 6906mi (10100km.)

Trip hours accumulated: 84h.

camera-iconAs soon as you arrive to Iceland, you’ll realize that you can shoot pretty much everything that you see… their landscapes are astonishing and magical. Iceland has one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the earth. Take the Ring Road for a roadtrip and explore the center of the island (only during sumer) with an AWD.

thumbup-iconWe are not aware of any drone regulation in Iceland. You’ll find some spots with «no drone area» marks. Respect them and enjoy de island. There are, literally, thousands of spots to shoot!

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