Top DJI Mavic Air Deals at GeekBuying for European Buyers

DJI’s latest consumer drone — the Mavic Air is currently flying off retail shelves and selling like hotcakes but buying one online isn’t exactly straightforward for some people. This is particularly true if you live in one of those countries that are not covered by the DJI Store.

This is because DJI faces inconsistent import duties when shipping to certain countries such as Spain and Malaysia. Due to this inconsistency, shipping DJI products to such countries can be very tricky as import duties can vary from 0% to 40% which makes it difficult for DJI to come up with fixed prices that are inclusive of import duties.


Pricing For Europe

So, here we go!

The Mavic Air base kit, which currently sells for €849 shipped to Europe at the DJI Store, is now available for pre-order at GeekBuying for just €678.

Important: this is a pre-order price, normally shipped in 10 days after placing the order.

DJI Mavic Air @ 678 Eur

The Mavic Air Fly More Combo which sells for €1049 at the DJI Store is available for pre-order at €855.

DJI Mavic Air COMBO @ 855 Eur