The Cheapest Drone Ever: The FuriBee H815 At $13.99

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Furibee H815
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If you are looking for a small, but fun little quadcopter and don’t want to break the bank…by all means, buy it! No, it’s not a DJI Spark but it doesn’t cost several hundred dollars. This drone is just to play at home, perfect to fly indoors and ideal for beginners. Heck, we graded it with a 3 over 5 but it could have got easily a 5! Why? It cost less than my Mavic Pro propellers!

Regular Price @Amazon is $25.99
¡¡Promo Price @GearBest is $13.99!!


The Furibee H815 is a tiny DJI Spark copycat; period.

While it still is a fun little quad comparing it to the Spark isn’t fair…to the Spark. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by this $14 drone.

Flight Time

It can be up in the air for appox. 5 minutes thanks to the power delivered from its 3.7V, 200mAh battery.
The battery gets fully charged in about an hour.


70 meters. Enough for indoors and average for outdoors.


No camera included.


These are the Furibee H815 main features:

  • Foldable and Portable: Built-in positioning technology allows the drone to locate the remote controller accurately. Far as the drone has gone to, it will automatically fly back to you. Just press the one-key-return button when you feel it’s time to call him back..
  • One Key Return: Headless mode ensure you stay oriented with your quadcopter, it’s a must-have for new pilot to fly better. 3 different speeds adjustable to suit your different flying needs. 2.4GHz technology ensures powerful signal and real-time transmission. Easy to operate, perfect for new drone enthusiasts.
  • 3D Flip & Roll: Adopting the latest 6-Axis gyroscope, the drone can implement various flight movements including 3D flips and rolls fearlessly and beautifully, all you have to do is a simple push of the button.
  • Other:  Smart LED indicators not only tell you whether it’s powered or not, but shine beautifully in the dark, providing an excellent view in the sky; all parts are easy to mount and disassemble, replacing components won’t be a problem.


Made in China.

The Furibee H815 fits in the palm of your hand. It even folds up to be smaller. If you’ve flown micro drones before like the Cheerson CX-OF or CX-10 it is similar. Small quads are often more difficult to fly than their larger counterparts. It does have three different speeds and that can help a bit, but don’t plan on this being a super steady quad.

The Furibee H815 is a fun drone to fly. It also features push button flips and headless mode. There isn’t a camera on this little guy, but rather an LED light in the front that does help the pilot know which end of the drone is in the front.

The Furibee H815 is a good drone for a beginners because of its durability and low cost. When you crash, not if, you’ll probably need to readjust the foldable arms. They buckle on impact and that probably helps them from breaking a little.


We’ve seen a few very similar microdrones to the H815. Eachine has the E59 which looks like a mini mavic and JJRC has the H53 is identical to the H815 but with a camera. I’ve also tested the JJRC H345 that includes a mini Mavic clone and a mini Spark clone. It is a nice two-for-one deal. They have the exact same flight controller inside as the Furibee H815. I’m sure there are a few other rebrands out there too.


  • Cheap!
  • Portable & Small.
  • Nice design, like Spark’s DJI.


  • Range: Only 70 meters.
  • Flight time: 5 minutes.
  • Battery charging time: 50 minutes. Apparently, there is no option to buy a spare battery