From Frozen Canadian Lakes To The Polish Sudetenland: Stunning Winter Drone Images That Will Leave You Astounded

Thanks to the drone technology, Winter may be unpleasant to experience physically – but as these stunning drone photographs show, its effects are incredible to look at.

From a technical point of view, to fly a drone in winter can be quite challenging but, as you’ll see below, the pics that you get are way better than their counterparts in other seasons.

All of these pictures were posted to skyPixel a year ago. Why we’ve choose them? Well, with all the hassle about the new DJI Mavic Air release and half the planet talking about it (and the apparently need to buy a new drone!), we think that posting «old» pics could inspire those, who cannot afford buying new drones each time a new model is released (that’s my case by the way).

No, art is NOT about the last fancy equipment.

Use your eye, think about composition, learn to control the light.

The images below were taken around the globe, from the US to Russia.

Have a look to the images. Let them inspire you.

winter-drone-photos-10 Photographer Nansen Weber here captures the epic migration of thousands of caribou across a frozen Ennadai Lake in Canada. Weber said: ‘As seen in this image the vast landscape is scraped out of frozen water and rock, symbolising the epic journey these caribou face’.

winter-drone-photos-8 This stunning Stanislav Zaburdaev image shows the Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt, Russia, illuminated as snow lies all around.

winter-drone-photos-7 This image was taken by Christopher Blair using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone. It shows a lighthouse on a frozen Lake Rosseau in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

winter-drone-photos-4 Another image by Nansen Weber, this time revealing a huge pressure ridge on Canada’s Ennadai Lake. Weber said that he ‘loves the patterns’.

winter-drone-photos-5 Snapper Tomasz Walczak used a Phantom 3 Advanced drone to capture this photo on one of the mountains in the suburban area of his home town of Bielsko-Biala in Poland. He said: ‘I love the symmetrical frames. I wanted to do something that could be considered as abstract. The road in the forest is not always the first thing that people have in mind watching that photo. Black and white helps the viewer stop for a moment and think about what he sees’.

winter-drone-photos-3 Photographer Nicola Tassis flew a DJI Phantom 3 drone over a wood in the Italian village of Piazzatorre and captured this hypnotic image.

winter-drone-photos-6 Stanislav Zaburdaev also took this amazing image of a monument in snowy St Petersburg.

winter-drone-photos-9 This photo was taken in Adzhigardak, Russia according to Maksim Tarasov . He said: ‘It is a mountain in the south Urals near the town of Asha. I used a DJI Phantom 3 Pro.When I was flying above the forest I saw a group of skiers running up the hill. I liked the way they looked from above and I took this photo’.

winter-drone-photos-2 A World War II exhibit at the Great Patriotic War Museum in Minsk, Belarus, is the star of this image. Photographer Salim Madjd said he is a long-time photographer but a recent drone user. ‘Drones have transformed my photography,’ he said.

winter-drone-photos-1 A DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone was used to take this ‘aerial selfie’. Photographer Manish Mamtani is pictured laying down on a bridge in New Hampshire with a friend.

What do you think about them?