KFC Announces “The Flyest Meal Ever” – Go For a Dinner And Get A Drone For Free!

Kentucky Fried Chicken is offering the best meal promotion we’ve heard of.  The advertising geniuses as KFC are touting “The Flyest Meal Ever” – a dinner deal that allows you to turn your empty chicken dinner box into a drone.

What’s in the box?

The top layer of the box is the cut out for the base of the drone. Opening the box, you will find different parts of the drone such as wings, motors and motherboard along with a 380mAh battery. There’s also a manual on how to assemble and connect the drone.

How to assemble?

While you can refer to the video below to do it yourself, here’s how it works.

Take the cut out of the base from the top layer of the meal box. Next you need to assemble the base first. You can do so by attaching fasteners to hold the frame together. Slip the four motor holders and securely fasten them to the ends of the frameworks.

The limited edition KFO micro drone is made by cutting parts out of the top of your dinner box and attaching the parts enclosed. The enclosed parts include battery and circuit board.  The drone can then be operated by downloading an app onto your smartphone.

It’s certainly a cool prize – and far more interesting than a fidget spinner.  But unfortunately, only KFC diners in India will be able to get one.  They’re being special offered in select locations in India only for a few days.

Hopefully the special “wings” will be available around the globe soon.