Is This The DJI MAVIC PRO Killer? A Look To The Autel EVO At CES 2018

Whether you are an aficionado or make money out of drone usage, it is evident that the reference in the consumer market is DJI. Among all of its models, the Mavic Pro (all its variants) shines above the rest: it is compact, it does feature 4K video and it is full of flight advanced modes.

Who is Autel?

Autel is a well known American drone industry focused, up to this date on their amazing KESTREL system (an electric vertical takeoff and landing – VTOL – unmanned aircraft system).

Now, they have decided to stick their nose down to the consumer drone market with the EVO.


Meet the EVO

The EVO has a 30 minute flight time thanks to its 11.4V, 4300 mAh battery (charges in 1.3 hours). It features an OLED display on the controller which looks great and can be used as a FPV (First Person View) screen also.

You can fly the EVO as far as 4,35 miles away (roughly 6.5 kms.) hassle free: it has the same sensors than the Mavic Pro. What the heck, both of them have a similar shape!

Washington based Autel’s guys, have not disclosed the price or the release date to the public. Stay tuned!