DJI’s New Mavic Air Drone: Comes With 4K, 21 min flight time, 3 colors

According to leaks coming from multiple sources, DJI will release tomorrow a new drone called Mavic Air at a special event in New York City.

The drone will have these specs:

  • 32-megapixel panorama mode (not a 32mp camera)
  • 1/2.3 CMOS sensor and new ISP (Image Signal Processor)
  • 4K video spec @ 60fps
  • 3-way gimbal (upgrade from 2-way on Spark)
  • Four foldable legs like the current Mavic Pro
  • Obstacle-avoidance sensors in the front, bottom, and back
  • Equipped with a VPS – Visual Positioning System for better control, hovering and indoor flying
  • Gesture control
  • 21-minute flight time
  • It will be available in different matte colors: white, black and red we’ve seen so far
  • Compatible with DJI Goggles

dji-mavic-air-2According to DroneDJ, these features come from multiple tipsters who’ve been correct in the past. Also, the photos and specs seem to corroborate information we’ve already received from other sources. The new photos also show some of the features we have seen before, such as the swooping lines in the official DJI invitation and in the DJI teaser video.

Stay Tuned!

(Posted via DroneDJ)