Cheerson CX-23, An Affordable Brushless Drone With GPS

Most of the people know Cheerson after they released their CX 20 model. This one had massive sales and the brand came into the spotlight immediately. The CX-20 was really aggressively priced (and it still is) for a device with highly intuitive controls and a set of stellar features. This CX-23 is a mid level GPS drone with Camera Gimbal support for semi-professional aerial video production.

Let’s face it: Cheerson gains month after month a better position in the market on the smaller brushed quadricopters range, in other words, the entry-level market. They are trying to push up a bit in the features and the segment ladder with the release of the CX-23. Let’s test it!


Following the success of the CX-20, Cheerson announced a newer model called CX-23 with even nicer design and a fine pack of features.

The distinguishing feature of this drone is their new half-inverted propulsion system, as the rear rotors are inverted in relation to the front ones. I leave up to your knowledge which set is oriented up-side-down.

Flight Time

Flight Time is 14 minutes, which is not bad for the price range that this CX-23 falls into. Cheerson states that it takes up to 90 minutes to charge the battery up which is somehow optimistic as it takes up to 110 minutes to charge it completely.


500 meters for the FPV (First Person View).

The drone can only go up 100 meters (not really impressive), limited by software.



What would you expect on a drone sitting below $300? Cheerson featured this drone to a pretty standard levels.

The Camera has 2 MegaPixels only enough to take JPG stills or shoot AVI videos. The resolution for pictures is 1920×080 and the resolution for the videos is 1280×720… you have HD!


The set of features for the CX-23 are a mix between an entry-level drone and those more advanced from DJI or GoPro. The drone comes well packaged and the unboxing


This advanced toy can reach speeds up to 15m/s (in Normal Mode, which is 33 MPH) and 10m/s (in GPS Mode, which is 22 MPH). Not bad uh? Obviously thanks to its 1306/3300 KV Motors….

The CX-23 has an OSD (On Screen Display) function to display height, flying direction, speed, battery level, how many satellite signal has the drone acquired and so on. The system is intelligent enough to bring the drone automatically to the departure point to avoid battery level warnings.

With just a tap of your finger, the drone can return to the taking off zone or where the pilot (you) are at the moment. No more drone losses then!

This drone has an orbital mode, meaning that you can take it up to the top of a mountain where you are and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sight effortlessly as the drone flies around it.


It can do around flying that you can control it to fly around with a certain radius.Brushless Motor strong power to the quadcopter. It has the functions of forward/backward, left rotation, right rotation, turn left/right, one touch take-off, one touch landing, height hold and point hold, auto return etc.


Made in China. 100% plastic

Ease of Use

This is an advanced toy drone. It is super easy to use, good for beginners and those of you wanting to have a good time flying it. Want one? Just grab it and enjoy! If you are looking for an extensive use or aerial photography I will jump to the next level and look into $1000 range drones.


  • Flight Time
  • Range
  • Camera
  • Features
  • Design
  • Ease of Use


Following the success of previous models CX-20 and CX-22, the company announced a new model Cheerson CX-23 with improved design and a remarkable set of characteristics. Cheerson CX-23 – a quadrocopter with a flight time of about 14 minutes, with the FPV control and a transmission distance of up to 500 meters!



  • Priced under $300
  • Good set of motors
  • Attractive design


  • Only goes 100 meters up
  • No advanced flying modes