Ethics Statement

We are a group of drone-enthusiasts passionate about gear and drones. We are not traditional media, we focus on transparency. Yes, we receive occasionally free and loaner products for the companies that we write about. In these cases we always (and, still, it will be like this) we always disclose this fact to honor our ethics and transparency commitment.

Our own reviews are marked as such and are based on our objetive opinions, coming from experience, hands-on tests and common use. This

This blog does not ask for compensation on blog post. Advertising is a completely separate area on this webpage and it helps to keep it alive.

Affiliate Links

We do use affiliate links (i.e. Amazon’s or B&H among others) to enrich the content on the blog and to add value to the readers. Their mission is to facilitate, you readers, localize the best deals on items related to the backbone of this website, which are the articles that we upload to the website on a regular basis.